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Corinne Poedger - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+61) 468 489 335
Twitter: @corinne_podger

Corinne covered international news for the BBC and ABC from 1996-2012 and was an early smartphone storytelling adopter at the ABC. Since 2013 she has worked as an international media development consultant, teaching mobile & social storytelling in Europe, Africa and Australia. Corinne has trained over 2,500 journalists and communicators from media outlets, business, NGOs and charities to use smartphones for social video, TV output, radio, podcasts and photography. She is a qualified BBC Media Action and Thomson Reuters Foundation trainer, has taught digital journalism at universities and colleges in Australia, the UK and USA, and speaks regularly at conferences including Mojocon and the International Journalism Festival.


Thomas Martinsen - Videokursus - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Phone:  (+45) 42 90 50 30
Twitter: @videokursus_com

Thomas is the owner of and has worked as a photographer for more than 10 years. For the last couple of years he has been teaching and advising companies on how to produce their own mobile videos for use in marketing, branding, support, internal communication etc. has the most extensive online video course library in Denmark and also offers workshops, MOJO courses and quality equipment via their web-store.

Thomas har arbejdet som fotograf i over 10 år, og har de seneste par år - via - rådgivet og undervist virksomheder i selv at kunne producere mobilvideo til brug i markedsføring, til support, intern kommunikation m.m. er DK's største online videokursus portal - og tilbyder derudover fysiske kurser, MOJO kurser og workshops, samt kvalitets-videoudstyr via webshoppen.


Guillaume Kuster - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Twitter: @_gkuster

Guillaume Kuster is a French trainer and consultant based in Helsinki, Finland. He was a TV and Radio journalist for nearly twenty years for the French public broadcasters Radio France and France Télévisions where he was a reporter, presenter and trainer. He was among the MoJo pioneers and started to use mobile devices in broadcast in 2012. In 2016, he left broadcasting to become a full time consultant and trainer and help media organisations and others all across the world to implement mobile video recording and editing techniques in English, French, Finnish and German.

Guillaume Kuster on Helsingissä asuva ranskalainen kouluttaja ja konsultti. Hänellä on lähes kahdenkymmenen vuoden työkokemus Radio Francelta ja France Télévisionsilta, joissa hän on toiminut toimittajana, uutisankkurina ja kouluttajana. MoJo-edelläkävijänä hän on käyttänyt mobiiliteknologiaa uutislähetyksissä vuodesta 2012. Vuonna 2016 hän ryhtyi päätoimiseksi konsultiksi ja kouluttajaksi erikoisalanaan mobiiliteknologian hyödyntäminen medioissa.


Laurent Clause - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+33) 671 666 701
Twitter: @laurentclause

Formerly IT journalist, today video reporter and creator of french blog (the only one specialized in MoJo in France with tutorials and reviews), Laurent has been a mojo trainer for three years for Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’Image, co-writer of its Mooc "Réaliser des films de pro avec un smartphone". He also teaches MoJo at Sciences-Po-Paris, at EMI (Ecole des Métiers de l’Information-Paris), for Samsa, and in several big companies trough his own company, called Milledix.

Ancien journaliste spécialisé dans les nouvelles technologies, aujourd’hui JRI/réalisateur, créateur du blog consacré à la réalisation de vidéos avec un smartphone, Laurent forme à la vidéo-mobile depuis trois ans pour Gobelins (l’Ecole de l’Image, pour laquelle il a co-écrit le Mooc « réaliser des films de pro avec un smartphone ». Il enseigne aussi le « MoJo » aux étudiants de la filière journalisme de Sciences-Po-Paris, à l’EMI (Ecole des Métiers de l’Information-Paris) ou pour Samsa. Ainsi que dans différentes entreprises, associations ou institutions via sa propre société Milledix.

Samsa - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+33) 674 895 892
Twitter: @samsafr is the leading mojo training company in France. Our team of professional trainers can work in different fields (media, communication, PR, movies, etc) and different countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon and subsaharan African countries). They can teach in French, English and Arabic. assure des formations à la production de vidéo-mobile en France et dans les pays francophones du monde entier. Notre expérience acquise auprès des médias est mise au service de tous (entreprises, collectivités territoriales, institutions culturelles, organisations humanitaires, cinéastes, etc). Nos formatrices et formateurs sont tous des professionnels expérimentés qui appliquent le savoir-faire et la méthodologie de formation mise au point au fil des années.


Bernhard Lill - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+49) 1577 2371372
Twitter: @dermedientyp

Bernhard Lill is a German freelance journalist and trainer, who has specialized in digital journalism: social media, storytelling and mobile reporting. He’s teaching international journalists and public relations officers how to use smartphones for telling their stories. Beforehand, Bernhard was working as a reporter and producer for major broadcasting companies (BBC World Service, Radio Bremen) and as a travel writer. From 1998 to 2009, he filed his stories from 16 countries on four continents.

Bernhard Lill arbeitet als freier Journalist und Trainer. Er hat sich auf digitalen Journalismus spezialisiert: Social Media, Storytelling und Mobile Reporting. In seinen Workshops zeigt Bernhard internationalen Journalisten und PR-Mitarbeitern, wie sie mit Smartphones Filme produzieren und schneiden. Davor hat er als Magazin-Redakteur und Hörfunkreporter gearbeitet (BBC World Service, Radio Bremen). Von 1998 bis 2009 hat er aus 16 Ländern auf vier Kontinenten berichtet.

Robb Montgomery - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalis

Phone: (+49) 1515 7974845
Twitter: @VideoJournalist

Robb is a former journalist for the Chicago Tribune and the author of “Smartphone Video Storytelling” (Routledge Press - New York & London). He is a distinguished visiting professor at journalism schools in Paris and Vienna and has trained more than 25,000 people in mobile journalism workshops worldwide. His online certificate video courses, offered at the Smart Film School web site, are used by top universities and organizations. Montgomery's clients include Reuters, CNN, Radio Free Europe, and The New York Times. 

Bianca Maria Rathay - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Twitter: @biarathay

Bianca-Maria Rathay is a German-based mobile content creator and videographer. After being trained as a TV editor and working as an online news editor she founded her own company "So Handy" in 2014. The idea of So Handy is to provide one-stop digital video content enabling people to promote their stories online. Bianca-Maria helps PR, communication and marketing agencies, public organizations and smaller companies to create their own digital content. Her work areas include video production, editing, storytelling as well as trainings.

Bianca-Maria Rathay ist selbständige mobile Videoproduzentin und Journalistin. Bianca-Maria volontierte als Fernsehredakteurin und arbeitete u.a. als Nachrichten-Redakteurin online, ehe sie sich im Jahr 2014 mit der Gründung von So Handy mit der mobilen Produktion selbständig machte. Bianca-Maria hilft PR- und Marketingagenturen, öffentlichen Einrichtungen und kleinen Unternehmen mit der Contenterstellung für den digitalen Markt. Ihre Arbeit umfasst die Videoproduktion, den Schnitt, das Storytelling und insbesondere Schulungen.

Bjoern Staschen - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Twitter: @bjoernsta

Björn is a staff reporter with NDR / ARD German Television. He is head of NDR´s „NextNewsLab“ and has been leading NDR´s innovation in Mobile Journalism for over three years now. He has trained colleagues at NDR, students, corporate professionals and journalists abroad (in own seminars and with BBC Media Action). He regularly speaks at conferences, including Mojocon, re.publika and others. He wrote the textbook „Mobiler Journalismus“ and is currently preparing an updated version in English together with dutch #Mojo fellow Wytse Vellinga. Björn is a trainer Video Journalists and has worked as foreign correspondent for ARD German TV in London. 

Björn arbeitet als Reporter für NDR und ARD. Er leitet das „NextNewsLab“ des NDR und treibt im NDR die Innovation im Bereich "Mobiler Journalismus" seit mehr als drei Jahren voran. Er hat im NDR zahlreiche Kolleginnen und Kollegen geschult. Zudem hat er nebenberuflich Studenten, Unternehmen und Journalisten im Ausland (in eigenen Seminaren und als Trainer für BBC Media Action) in "Mobilem Journalismus" geschult. Er tritt regelmäßg als Sprecher auf Konferenzen auf (re:publika, Mojocon und andere) und ist Autor des Buches "Mobiler Journalismus" (Springer VS, 2017).Björn hat als VJ gearbeitet und für die ARD als Fernsehkorrespondent aus Großbritannien und Nordirland berichtet. 


Glen Mulcahy - Mojo Trainer, Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+35) 387 968 1726
Twitter: @glenbmulcahy

Glen is an internationally recognised mobile journalism trainer and founder of the world’s first mobile journalism conference: ”Mojocon” He has worked in broadcast for 19 years and recently left his position as Head of Innovation RTÉ (The Irish National Broadcaster) to establish his own media training company Titanium Media. Glen has trained several thousand journalists and media professionals in mobile journalism over the last seven years. His clients include NRK, BBC, Aljazera, Symantec, Oracle and many more.

The Netherlands

Wytse Vellinga - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+31) 647 906 623
Twitter: @wytsevellinga

Wytse Vellinga is an international Video and Multimedia Storytelling trainer from the Netherlands. He works for Dutch broadcasting company Omrop Fryslân as a Mobile journalist making daily news reports with Android, iOS and Windows Phones. He also works as a MoJo expert for Thomson Foundation in London and the European organisation of regional broadcasters Circom-Regional. He also has his own company for teaching people and companies how to tell their story using their Mobile Phones.

Wytse Vellinga is een internationale Video en Multimedia Storytelling trainer uit Nederland. Hij werkt voor de regionale publieke omroep Omrop Fryslân als mobiele journalist en maakt dagelijks reportages voor radio en TV met Android, iOS en Windows telefoons. Daarnaast werkt hij als MoJo expert voor de Thomson Foundation in Londen en de Europeese organisatie voor regionale publieke omroepen Circom-Regional. Met zijn eigen bedrijf MobileStorytelling reist hij heel Europa af om bedrijven en omroepen te leren hoe ze hun mobiele telefoons kunnen gebruiken om hun verhaal te vertellen.


John Inge Johansen - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+47) 971 47336
Twitter: @lonelyrider

Experienced international mojotrainer since 2012 for Circom Regional. Does training in newsroom-workflow and for social media. Current position as VJ/Mojo for the Norwegian Broadcasting in the Arctic region. Educated as a teacher in science and technology, 30 yrs in the business.

South Africa

Viasen Soobramoney - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Cape Town
Twitter. @ViasenS

Viasen is a multiple award winning journalist with 12 years of experience across multiple mediums. He is the Founder of Africa's first Mobile Journalism newsroom. A regular trainer in multimedia storytelling and video, Viasen has produced a string of Mojo teams that have won international recognition. He is a patriot and represented South Africa and his media organization at several international gatherings of the news media globally and is a regular media trainer and speaker abroad.


Alvaro Andoin - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+34) 607 974 303
Twitter: @filmatu

Álvaro Andoin is an independent mobile creator specialized in live and ephemeral vídeo and content creation on social media for events, companies and professionals. He has more than 6 years experience helping events, companies and professionals creating social, ephemeral and live content on social media crafted to their audience needs. He also trains professionals who want to learn how to produce and promote live and video content with their smartphones. Before founding Filmatu, Álvaro worked as Internet Director for Estée Lauder Companies in Madrid during 6 years. He has also experience working in media agencies (HAVAS digital) and creative agency. Álvaro lives in Bilbao, Spain, and speaks fluently English and Basque.   

Alvaro Andoin es un creador móvil profesional especializado en la producción de contenido efímero y vídeo en directo en redes sociales para eventos, empresas y profesionales. Álvaro lleva más de 6 años ayudando a eventos, empresas y profesionales a crear contenidos sociales, efímeros y en directo adaptados a sus audiencias. Además, desde hace varios años imparte talleres en los que enseña a producir vídeos con smartphones. Antes de fundar Filmatu trabajó como responsable de Internet en la multinacional Estée Lauder Companies. Además tiene experiencia trabajando tanto en agencias de medios y en agencias creativas. Álvaro vive en Bilbao, España, y habla de manera fluida inglés y euskera.

El Taller Audiovisual - Mojo Trainers - Mobile Journalism

Twitter: @yoscontenidos

Javier Cabrera and Óscar Oncina are the authors of, the pioneer blog in Spanish about how to make videos with mobile devices. They help people who want to learn how to make their own videos for the Internet and social networks... only with a smartphone. Since 2013, Javier and Óscar have run more than 100 workshops. In 2016 they created the First Online School of Mobile Video in Spanish ( They also own the production company, YOS Contenidos, dedicated to create videos with smartphones and tablets.

Javier Cabrera y Óscar Oncina son los autores del blog, pionero en español sobre el territorio del vídeo hecho con móviles. Javier y Óscar ayudan a las personas que quieren hacer sus propios vídeos para Internet y Redes Sociales... solo con un móvil, Desde el año 2013, han impartido más de 100 talleres presenciales. En 2016 crearon la 1ª Escuela Online de Vídeo con Móviles en español ( Tienen una productora, YOS Contenidos, dedicada a crear vídeos con móviles y tablets.

Pipo Serrano - Mojo Trainers - Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+34) 607 167 067
Twitter: @piposerrano

Pipo Serrano, Journalist. After more than 15 years working in radio he joined new adventures in TV. Initially as the expert in digital fields and mobile disruption, and after 3 years, in 2015, becoming the Deputy Director and Digital Editor ‘8 al dia’ (8tv). Managing a newsroom of 50 professionals, he transformed their workflow into digital first, and TV later. He also introduced MOJO in his team, and they “mojo-covered” many elections, the refugee crisis, terrorist attacks and daily stories. In 2017 he published two books on MoJo. He also teaches Digital Journalism & MoJo at University. Actually, he is transforming TV, Documentaries and Corporate into MOJO/Digital, at Broadcaster Co.

Pipo Serrano, Periodista. Tras más de 15 años dedicado a la radio, decide emprender nuevas aventuras en TV. Inicialmente como experto en cuestiones digitales y disruptivas en "Mobile", y 3 años más tarde, convirtiéndose en Director Adjunto y Editor Digital de "8 al dia" (8tv). Liderando un equipo de 50 profesionales, transformó sus dinámicas periodísticas priorizando la difusión en digital sobre la Televisiva. Introdujo también el MoJo (Periodismo Móvil) en su equipo y gracias a ello cubrieron elecciones, la crisis de refugiados, atentados terroristas y otras historias diarias. En 2017 publicó dos libros con el foco puesto en el MoJo. Además, enseña Periodismo Digital en diversas universidades. Actualmente, transforma digitalmente y adapta al MoJo, contenidos para TV, documentales y corporativos, desde Broadcaster Co.

United Kingdom

Anna Brees - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Twitter: @breesanna

Former ITV and BBC reporter/presenter Anna Brees is the first mobile journalism trainer to produce and present a ten minute news programme on her mobile. This viewing figures beat the circulation of the local newspaper in just 8 hours. Anna is seen as an expert, leader and influencer in the field of mobile journalism, she encourages organisations to stop selling and start storytelling, and teaches them how to use the tools they already have (i.e .a mobile) to bring mainstream media magic to their social media.  She now runs a successful hyperlocal TV channel all produced and presenter on her mobile phone. She runs one and two day training courses for corporate clients, charities, not for profits, schools, colleges and SMEs. Former clients include Admiral, NHS Wales, the Intellectual Property Office, Arriva Trains Wales. She is a teacher in mobile journalism with a proven track record of creating engaging TV, and one of very few mobiles journalists with consistently high quality video output across all of her social media platforms. She recommends equipment and apps that only she feels comfortable using, and have worked well over a sustained period of time.

Kevin Burden - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Phone: (+44) 783 115 3182
Twitter: @kevinburden

For 20 years at the BBC, Kevin Burden worked as a radio and television reporter, presenter, producer, correspondent, editor and filmmaker. He was one of the pioneers of multi-skilled working in the BBC, working across radio, television, and online, filming and editing his own films for television. He has since produced films for charities, universities and government departments. Nowadays, Kevin finds himself broadcasting live from events using nothing more than a smartphone. He’s passionate about exploring opportunities for all to tell their own stories using video, audio and images, armed with nothing more than the phone in their pocket. An enthusiastic trainer, Kevin has been sharing his skills globally since 1996.

Phone: (+44) 758 855 5095
Twitter: @markeganvideo

Mark Egan is an experienced mobile journalism trainer. He is a faculty member of the Eurovision Academy, delivering mojo trainings to broadcasters across Europe. Mark was previously a journalist and trainer at the BBC and has worked all over the world. In addition to training journalists, he has worked with major brands, organisations and charities to help them use mobile devices to share their message. Mark is also a speaker at events across the globe including Asia Media Summit (Malaysia and China), Eurovision Assembly, WAN-IFRA Delhi, Mojocon Ireland and many more. 

Mark can deliver trainings from one-day to an entire week. These can be using iPhones/iPads, Android devices or a mix of both. His tried and tested methods have been successfully used by thousands of journalists, media professionals and staff around the world. Mark makes it easy for anyone from absolute beginners to experienced pros to get the best out of their mobile devices. Besides the technical side of mobile journalism, he also covers storytelling, live-streaming and what content works best on which platform. Previous clients include: BBC, SKY, NOS Netherlands, RAI Italia, SVT Sweden, Imperial War Museum London, Marks and Spencer, Virgin Media, RSI Switzerland

Alex Pell - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Twitter: @dashboardmedia

Dashboard Media is London's leading mobile-video training agency. It was formed in 2011 by Alex Pell, the former tech editor of The Sunday Times and Richard Taylor, the editor of BBC Click, with the original aim of showing print journalists how to make professional videos with a phone. Today, we give brands, charities, and academics the kind of agile skills they need to tell incredible stories with everyday gadgets. Our flagship Mobile Video Pro course is a proven programme that's helped thousands of people unleash their creative mojo with a roster of clients that includes Cancer Research, Save the Children, The FA, and UBS. We believe the best way to grasp anything new is to get your hands dirty and have fun. That's why we keep things simple and share even the biggest ideas through simple stories with plenty of time to play.


Judd Slivka - Mojo Trainer - Mobile Journalism

Columbia, Mo
Phone: (+1) 573 203 3920
Twitter: @juddslivka

Judd Slivka teaches mobile, drone and multimedia journalism at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He has worked at newspapers across the United States and trained newspaper and TV reporters and producers in mobile journalism on three continents. He has an incredible head of hair.


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