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Shoulderpod Team in Barcelona

The Team

We are a team of engineers, architects and designers with over 20 years experience in product design. We love photography and filmmaking and as smartphone cameras became better, we started using them more and more for taking pictures and filming.  Unfortunately we couldn't figure out how to hold them correctly ... and so we thought, "what if we change that?" So in 2013 we transformed Tambakunda - our product design studio - into Shoulderpod. We've partnered with top class European manufacturers for crafting high quality accessories that have already changed the way professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world film and take pictures with their mobile devices.

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Shoulderpod accessories for iPhone and smartphone photography and filmmaking


The Founders

Enrique Frisancho - Shoulderpod professional smartphone equipment and accessories for mobile phones

Enrique Frisancho

Mechanical Engineer and Enterpreneur from Barcelona who has worked as a Product Designer and Innovation Consultant for several companies. 

Enrique starts his professional career in 1992 designing train structures at ALSTOM TRANSPORT. In 2001 he starts ESPACIO SOLAR, an engineering company that designs and manufactures systems for improving daylight harvesting and energy savings in buildings. In 2007 he partners with Architect Ana María Vicens and starts TAMBAKUNDA, an innovation and design studio based in Barcelona that helps companies innovate through design and technology. Enrique loves photography and filmmaking, so in 2014 the team decides to co-found SHOULDERPOD, a company focused on making professional equipment for using mobile devices as cameras.

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Ana María Vicens - Shoulderpod professional smartphone equipment and accessories for mobile phones

Ana María Vicens

Architect by the ETSAB, UPC, Barcelona. Master degree in Urban Planning Ana has worked as an architect and product designer for several studios.

In 1990 Ana starts working as an Architect for different companies until 2001 when she starts her own Architecture and Industrial Design studio. Between 2001 and 2003 she studies sculpture at the Escola Massana in Barcelona and publishes the book "Stairs" for the PLANETA group. In 2004 she receives the CORIAN Design Award and from 2005 to 2007 she studies "Techniques of Jewelry" and "The Contemporary Jewelry and its significance" at the Escola Massana. From 2005 to 2007 she designs contemporary jewelry under her own brand and in 2007 she partners with Enrique Frisancho and starts TAMBAKUNDA, an Innovation and Design studio based in Barcelona. In 2014 the team co-founds SHOULDERPOD.

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What we believe in

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At Shoulderpod we believe in creativity, in quality, in precision, in those small details that make a product different. In the heritage of our modern artisans. We believe in what we call "Industrial Craftsmanship", but above all we believe in making tools for people with a special talent, the talent of telling stories and sharing them with the world. Because at Shoulderpod ... we believe in you.
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