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The Shoulderpod S1 is a high quality grip with 3 functions specially designed for mobile photographers, filmmakers, journalists and travellers. A solid and portable solution for holding your smartphone camera professionally

iPhone tripod mount

Tripod Mount 

Professionals deserve only the highest quality equipment. That's why we've designed the most solid and reliable smartphone tripod mount in the market. Go mobile with SHOULDERPOD and take amazing time-lapse visual stories, crisp slow-shutter images, perfect 360º panoramas or smooth hyperlapse videos.

iPhone grip camera handle

Filmmaker Handle 

Mount the aluminum extension and the wrist strap and hold your smartphone comfortably and securely for taking amazing action shots. With the S1 you can hold your camera steady with one hand while using your thumb to tap on the screen. You'll be surprised how far your mobile results can go.

iPhone tripod mount stand

Traveller Stand  

The S1 stands on its own, in landscape or portrait mode, so you can use it as a tripod even when you don't have one. Take night shots of New York, time lapse movies of Tokio, HDR pictures at Hyde Park or use it as a desk stand while editing your images at your favourite coffe-shop.

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Travel light and shoot steady

Mount the handle and the wrist strap

Mount the aluminium handle extension and the wrist strap and hold your smartphone camera comfortable and securely. Now you are ready to shoot steady videos and crisp pictures of your next travel destination

Iphone handle grip


Holds virtually any smartphone model with or without a case

The SHOULDERPOD S1 can hold almost any smartphone model thanks to its adjustable grip. Turn the thumbscrew and adjust it to hold your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, X, Xmax, iPhone 8 plus, 8, 7, 7 plus, 6, 6s, 5, 5s, 4, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumia, Nexus or any other device. As long as the width of your smartphone, with or without a case is between 48 and 93 mm, the S1 will hold it perfectly. Please check with us the compatibility with extremely thick external batteries such as the Mophie models or some bulky waterproof cases.  

Smartphone rig tripod mount holder grip
SHOULDERPOD S1 smartphone tripod mount holder grip handle and stand for iPhone Galaxy Xperia Lumia


Yes, holds an iPhone Max or Galaxy Note!

It's adjustable, so it will hold any smartphone, including the iPhone Plus or Max versions as well any Galaxy or Note, even with a case

The S1 is the first professional tripod mount that will hold all smartphone models perfectly. Even the big ones like any iPhone Max, Plus or Galaxy Note models. Do you think your smartphone is too big for mounting it on a tripod? No worries, the S1 will do the job.

IPHONE 6 PLUS Tripod Mount


Ultra secure

Grips your device tightly thanks to its adjustable thumb-screw and its wide rubber pads

The S1 grips your devices tightly and securely thanks to its adjustable thumb-screw and its wide rubber pads. Unlike other smartphone holders, the S1 grip can be used for taking pictures or filming even under harsh conditions. It is fast to mount and easy to use. Take it from pocket size to full extension in seconds, no tools required.

Adjustable smartphone tripod mount grip handle and stand from Shoulderpod S1


Professional quality

Engineered and industrially crafted in Europe under high quality standards

At Shoulderpod we've partnered with first class European manufacturers for crafting a professional and durable product. The S1 is mould-injected in a high resistant polymer and includes machined brass inserts and soft rubber pads. The grip extension is machined from aerospace-grade aluminum and anodized in a matte black finish. Finally the wrist strap terminal is hand-made in dark brown suede. The S1 comes with a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

SHOULDERPOD S1 - Professional tripod mount for smartphones iPhone Samsung Galaxy Sony Xperia Nokia Lumia Nexus HTC One


Always with you

Slip it into your pocket or hang it from the wrist strap and you're ready to go

The S1 is big in performance and quality but small in size. It's ultra-portable so you can easily slip it into your pocket or hang it from the wrist strap so it's always with you when you need it. The S1 is the perfect solution for travellers, hikers or street photographers who want to take their mobile cameras to the limit without the inconvenience of carrying bulky accessories.

Shoulderpod S1 portable smartphone rig that works as tripod mount, smartphone handle and stand



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