Shoulderpod partners with Moment

Moment make some of the best smartphone lenses in the world. Their high quality gear is widely used by many talented mobile photographers and videographers around the globe. At Shoulderpod we've now partnered with them for offering our products through their "Filmmaker Collection" marketplace. Visit Moment's website and discover their new anamorphic lenses and many other amazing products.

Shoulderpod X1 at Moment marketplace
Shoulderpod X1 and Moment anamorphic lens
Shoulderpod S2 handle grip

Shoulderpod now available in Switzerland

Shoulderpod now available in Switzerland

Dear Swiss Customers,

We are proud to announce that all Shoulderpod products are now available in Switzerland through our new distributor SCHWEIZER AG. Schweizer distributes renowned professional brands related to broadcast and video production such as Arri, Red, Canon, Panasonic, Atomos, Blackmagic and many more. The Shoulderpod products will now complete Schweizer's offer with our range of professional solutions for Mobile Journalists, Brand Storytellers and Independent Visual Creators.

Schweizer AG, based in the city of Schlieren · Zurich, will not only supply our products to photo-video resellers in all Switzerland, but will also supply all Shoulderpod products, parts and replacements to final customers through their online store. For more information please visit their website or click below to visit their Shoulderpod online store.




  • Schweizer AG ·   Rütistrasse, 12 ·   CH-8952 Schlieren ·   Switzerland
  • Tel: +41(0) 43 810 37 37

Shooting an Instagram Story

THE TRANSPARENT walls of our workshop wake up with the "good morning" of Julia. Between pieces she welcomes the curious ones of the neighborhood who approach to see her work. First she selects one by one the best wood, without knots, cracks or nicks. The roughness of the sandpapers polishes the edges carefully so that they fit perfectly. She tightens the three screws, a brushstroke to remove the chips of sawdust and she places it in its box.

This is a small part of our day to day in the workshop, but what we in fact do at Shoulderpod is make products to help tell stories. Stories like this or, why not, like yours. Get to know Julia at the Shoulderpod workshop in the following video and be encouraged to tell your story.

Simple tips to tell an Instagram Story

  • Find something nice you do every day
  • Think about the best way to tell your story through a basic storyboard
  • Make sure you have plenty of light
  • Mount your phone vertically on a tripod using your Shoulderpod grip
  • Shoot quite a few takes. Mix open and close-up framings
  • Select a music theme that fits your story
  • Edit it in vertical format or just upload the clips individually
  • Share it ;-)


Shoulderpod goes fully modular, like LEGO!

All parts now available to build up your own rig


Shoulderpod is now completely modular.  Build up your own rig and personalize it for every project. When travelling, take only the parts you need and avoid carrying that heavy backpack.


Watch the video and learn how it works!

9 new parts available

  • P1 - The Long Plate
  • P2 - The Short Plate
  • H1 - The Handle
  • K1 - The Knob
  • Z1 - The Cold Shoe
  • W1 - The Wrist Strap
  • U1 - S2 to R2 Upgrade Kit
  • G1RP - Rubber Pads for G1
  • H1RP - Rubber Pads for H1 and K1


Upgrade your rig

Add the parts you need and personalize your smartphone rig. If you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Shoulderpod at Mojocon 2017

Mojocon Conference in Galway

THE SHOULDERPOD TEAM attended MOJOCON 2017, the leading international media conference focused on mobile journalism, mobile content creation, mobile photography and new technologies. It took place last weekend (4th, 5th, and 6th of April) at theRadisson Blu Hotel in Galway, Ireland.


Our conference highlights

Among a ton of interesting content, these are the top trends we found most interesting and the ones we think are drawing the new picture of modern journalism.

  • STORIES: Until now we had text, photos and video but social media “Stories” has opened a completely new narrative for the news industry.
  • LIVE VIDEO: Technology has transformed every single smartphone into a live broadcasting mobile unit that fits in your pocket and is easy to use.
  • 360º: The development of a full 360º mobile ecosystem now allows you to shoot, edit and see the full context around a story ... anywhere, anytime.


Shoulderpod #mojoinaction contest at Mojocon 2017

The #mojoinaction contest

For the first time this year we’ve been proud to launch the#mojoinaction contest. A creative photography challenge especially dedicated to the attendees at the conference.  Many thanks to all the people who participated with all those inspiring photos published with the #mojoinaction hashtag.  Choosing only three photos among more than 50 has also been a challenge to us, but after a hard deliberation these are the winners:


First Prize

ILICCO ELIA reflected on his photograph a moment which more than one mojo is identified with. At the middle of a hard working day a “recharging rest” is absolutely necessary.

Photo by Ilicco Elia

Photo by Ilicco Elia

Second Prize

SILAS BANG shot Mark Egan inside the Mojo train through a nice mojo set up. Even before the conference started, journalists were already “in action”.

Photo by Silas Bang

Photo by Silas Bang

Third Prize

KERON BASCOMBE shows in this apparently dizzy picture how 360º cameras are in the new agenda.

Photo by Keron Bascombe

Photo by Keron Bascombe

Special Mentions

With so many great images participating we couldn’t resist to give 3 additional "Special Mentions" to Marc Settle (@MarcSettle), Micheal o'Ciaraidh (@_mickyc_) and Alexandre Marx (@rock_0la) for their great shots.

Photo by Marc Settle

Photo by Marc Settle

Photo by Micheal o'Ciaraidh

Photo by Micheal o'Ciaraidh

Photo by Alexandre Marx

Photo by Alexandre Marx

Prizes at the Shoulderpod Stand

Ilicco Elia and Enrique Frisancho

Ilicco Elia and Enrique Frisancho

Silas Bang and Enrique Frisancho

Silas Bang and Enrique Frisancho

Keron Bascombe and Ana Maria Vicens

Keron Bascombe and Ana Maria Vicens

Alexandre Marx and Enrique Frisancho

Alexandre Marx and Enrique Frisancho

Marc Settle and Enrique Frisancho

Marc Settle and Enrique Frisancho

Micheal o'Ciaraidh and Enrique Frisancho

Micheal o'Ciaraidh and Enrique Frisancho


Participate at the #mojoinaction contest during Mojocon 2017

Shoulderpod - #mojoinaction contest Mojocon 2017

At Shoulderpod we're excited to launch the #mojoinaction contest on twitter. 

#mojoinaction is a creative challenge especially dedicated to the attendees at MOJOCON 2017 in Galway. How to participate? t's simple, just follow these 3 easy steps and win amazing prizes for completing your Mojo gear!



1. Shoot a nice picture of a "MOJO IN ACTION" during Mojocon 2017

2. Publish it on Twitter during the conference using #mojoinaction

3. Follow @shoulderpod

Selected images will be published on the Shoulderpod Journal and the 3 winners will pick up their prizes on Saturday the 6th at the Conference.

Questions and answers:

  • What kind of images are best for wining? - We would like to see mojos and their gear in action!
  • How many images can I post? - As many as you wish.
  • Can I publish an image of myself? - Yes, of course!
  • Can I use an old image? - No, images must be shot during the conference days or during the MojoTrain trip.
  • May I use any additional hashtags? - Yes, as far as you add #mojoinaction on your tweet, you can add as many hashtags as you want. Actually #mojocon is the official hashtag of the event, so feel free to use it as well!
  • When is the deadline for publish my shots? - Saturday May 6th at 13:00 h
  • When will we know the results? - On Saturday afternoon on the Shoulderpod Journal and on Twitter.
  • Where will I pick up the prizes in case I win? - At the conference. We still don't know exactly where, but in case you are one of the winners, we will send you a DM on Twitter as soon we arrange it.



By participating at the contest and tagging your images with #mojoinaction we understand you authorize Shoulderpod to publish your images on the Shoulderpod website and social networks. If you do not want us to publish your images, please contact us here.

For any additional questions, please contact us at or visit the Shoulderpod stand during the conference.



1st Prize

  • Shoulderpod X1 professional rig
  • Manfrotto Lumimuse 6 led light
  • Manfrotto Pixi tripod


2nd Prize

  • Shoulderpod R2 pocket rig
  • Manfrotto Lumimuse 6 led light
  • Manfrotto Pixi tripod


3rd Prize

  • Shoulderpod S2 handle grip
  • Manfrotto Pixi tripod



S2 · The best iPhone 7 and 7 plus tripod mount and handle

Handle and tripod mount for your iPhone camera

The Shoulderpod S2 is the new version of the Shoulderpod S1, the first professional high quality handle-grip and tripod mount for holding your smartphone camera professionally. The S2 includes a confortable and stylish longer handle, made in wood and a stronger leather wrist strap. The S2 is a high quality product engineered and industially crafted in Barcelona for being extremely durable, ultra portable and easy to use. It has 3 functions: Tripod Mount, Filmmaker Handle and Traveller Stand. The grip fits virtually any mobile device thanks to its adjustable mechanism and wide rubber pads. Works great with all iPhone models like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus even with a case so make sure to take your S2 with you on your next trip for shooting super steady videos on your smartphone. The S2 is a solid and portable solution especially designed for creative travellers and visual storytellers.

Handle grip for iPhone 7 + plus

Handle and grip for iPhone 7 + plus
Wooden handle for iPhone 7 + plus

Shoulderpod S2 handle grip for iPhone
Shoulderpod S2 handle grip for iPhone 7

The Shoulderpod S2 grip is adjustable and fits any smartphone model with or without a case. Simply turn the knob and hold your smartphone securely thanks to its wide rubber pads.

Adjustable tripod mount adapter for iPhone 7 + plus
Adjustable tripod mount adapter for iPhone 7 + plus
Tripod mount adapter for iPhone 7 + plus


Mobile Photographer Marcello Barbusci tells his story

Only Mobile Art Magazine by Marcello Barbusci - Shoulderpod

Marcello Barbusci is a mobile photographer. He is the Founder, Editor in Chief & Creative Director at ONLY Mobile Art, an independent publication, for people who like to admire the art produced with cell phones in its different forms. 

Marcello was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1968 and now lives between his natal city and New York.  The ONLY Mobile Art project started on January 2016, when Marcello decided to give a voice to the artistic photography produced by smartphone users. 

As a mobile photographer Marcello uses a Shoulderpod S2 when traveling and shooting for ONLY Mobile Art magazine. "The creativity produced and published through a cell phone is a form of expression that is growing every day and needs a place to last, so we created the magazine ONLY! Giving way to a nation that lives young and updated: One Nation Living Young = "ONLY” explains Marcello. 

“Use your heart to make better photos”

Marcello Barbusci

Only Mobile Art Magazine

Marcello Barbusci - NY 01
Marcello Barbusci - NY - 02
Marcello Barbusci - NY - 03
Marcello Barbusci - NY - 04

Marcello Barbusci at Shoulderpod Journal

Lear more about Only Mobile Art:

Instagram: @onlymobileart

Facebook: @onlymobileart


Glen Mulcahy, the man who envisioned mobile journalism

Glen Mulcahy, founder of MoJoCon · Photo: Ana María Vicens · iPhone 7+

Glen Mulcahy, founder of MoJoCon · Photo: Ana María Vicens · iPhone 7+

6:00 p.m in Barcelona, 8:00 p.m in Kuwait.

Inés Martín, Content Manager at Shoulderpod interviews Glen Mulcahy via Facetime.

Who is Glen Mulcahy? The Head of Innovation at RTÉ, a Mojo trainer or the founder of Mojocon?

The politically correct answer is Head of innovation at RTÉ, because this is my day job, where I’ve been working for 18 years. However, as a part of that job I’m a Mojo trainer and also the Mojocon founder.

You are one of the pioneers of mobile journalism around the world. From a technology point of view, when did you see Mobile Journalism was a real possibility?

I started experimenting with mobile back in 2007, with a Nokia N95 and that was the basic building block. But it wasn’t until 2010, with the iPhone 4, that it really started.

Mobile Journalism is a game changer in the news industry. It transforms specialists into multidisciplinary storytellers. How do journalists react to this situation?

You get two reactions. There are the ones that are very comfortable in their jobs and are used to work with two or three other staff members to help them make a story.  So they hate the idea of being expected to shoot and edit for themselves.

But a growing number of journalists have realized that the news model, as we know it, is changing. They know that not many people sit and watch the six o’clock television news as they used to, and that that number will continue getting smaller and smaller. And those who are aware of the change, will learn the skills and perfect their own abilities to make themselves extremely desirable as employees.

How does the fact of recording with a mobile phone instead of using a broadcast camera influences a story? How does a smartphone help or limit a journalist?

There are two aspects: the technical and the aesthetic or psychological. The technical is that you can’t really zoom. The phone doesn’t give you the power to zoom that you get with a big broadcast camera. And the psychological impact of shooting with an iPhone, is that people aren’t intimidated at all. When you come in with a phone, with a small tripod and maybe one light, it’s much more discrete, it’s less intrusive, and people tend to be far more sincere and far more open as result.

In March 2015 the first Mobile Journalism Conference took place in Dublin. Why did you decide to organize Mojocon?

For the last six years I’ve been travelling around Europe, Middle East and the US, teaching people how to get the best of their smartphones as a creation tool. People were exited after doing a long week course with me, but when they go back to their newsrooms, the engineers would go: “It’s shot with a phone, we are not going to broadcast that”. And then they would email me going: “You lied”. And I got really angry, so I  thought the only way that we are going to make a difference and start open peoples' mind was bringing the people who were doing this well, to the same place. So the idea of Mojocon was bringing the community of people together and giving them a chance to share their stories and to learn from each other experiences. I also realized that there was a third partner in this equation, the people making all this apps and accessories that allowed this to actually happen.

In a highly competitive world, where knowledge ends up being the most important advantage, why do you think the Mojo community is so open to share all that knowledge?

I think we are moving to a new era where sharing is becoming the norm. I think everything in the social media is predicating this idea of sharing and I think we also need to see what the social media has done. Once upon a time TV stations used to sit on their little box, as if they were the voice of god. But now if the audience doesn’t like something, they let you know. The social media has made more players accountable, now you have feedback, and that feedback has a lot of value.

What can we expect from Mojocon 2017?

I would like to put the future back into the agenda of Mojocon 3.0. We want to look at where is going to go next, so we are going to continue growing the migration of mobile into the 360° space. We will still look at great case studies of people that have pushed the batteries on content creations with mobile, but we will also like to emphasize the fact that mobile will become a complete 4K ecosystem. Part of that ecosystem will be in the 360° video and the VR space, so we want to be able to open people’s minds to the potential of mobile for creation, not only in traditional mobile storytelling, but also in VR and 360° storytelling. We will also go through other aspects of the future as AI (artificial intelligence) or robots.

Share this interview:

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Visit the MoJoCon website

Join the MoJoCon group on Facebook

The new Shoulderpod S2 is here!

Shouldeprod S2 - handle grip for iphone

We're exited to announce that the new Shoulderpod S2 is finally available at our online store.

It has certainly taken us a little while to set everything up since the first prototypes sent in November 2015 to Austin Mann for testing the iPhone 6s and 6s+ in Switzerland. During all this time we´ve been fine tuning all the small details until we finally introduced our new product line at the Photokina show in Cologne last September 2016.

The new Shoulderpod S2 is called "The Handle Grip" and will progressively replace it predecessor, the S1. It includes the longer wooden handle already released with our R1 Go and R1 Pro rigs and a beautiful leather strap that is a lot more resistant than the older model. The G1 grip for holding the phone is the same one as in the S1.

The S2 is the best companion for any creative traveller or visual storyteller who loves to use his smartphone camera for telling amazing stories and share them with the world.

Shoulderpod at MoJoCon 2016 in Dublin. The place to be if you are into mobile journalism!

Mojocon Dublin 2016

THE SHOULDERPOD TEAM attended MoJoCon 2016 in Dublin last weekend. MoJoCon stands for Mobile Journalism Conference and is the place to be if you are a journalist or visual storyteller who uses your smartphone for creating and sharing content. The Conference took place the 29th and 30th of April at the Aviva stadium and was organized by "MoJo" guru Glen Mulcahy from the RTE.

Journalists from around the world met and shared the way they use their phones for planning, filming, editing and sharing amazing stories on TV, radio, blogs, Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, ... you name it. An exciting experience that brought together some of the most talented storytellers from all over the globe.

At Shoulderpod we have always developed our products with Mobile Journalists in mind and we were extremely excited to see how most of the equipment used during the conference were made by our brand.

Are you a mobile creative? Pick your mobile device and tell your story!

MojocoN 2016  - Mobile Journalism Conference Dublin - Mojo

MojocoN 2016  - Mobile Journalism Conference Dublin - Mojo

MOJO using Shoulderpod S1 mojoCON 2016  - DUBLIN   - MOJO

MOJO using Shoulderpod S1 mojoCON 2016  - DUBLIN - MOJO

Guillaume Kuster from FRRANCE 3 TV - MOJOCON 2016  -   MOJO

Guillaume Kuster from FRRANCE 3 TV - MOJOCON 2016  - MOJO

The Shoulderpod R1 Pro rig with the new Samsung VR Gear - MOJOCON 2016  - DUBLIN

The Shoulderpod R1 Pro rig with the new Samsung VR Gear - MOJOCON 2016  - DUBLIN

Oscar & Javier from El Taller Audiovisual  - MOBILE JOURNALISM CONFERENCE DUBLIN

Oscar & Javier from El Taller Audiovisual  - MOBILE JOURNALISM CONFERENCE DUBLIN





The RTE Staff using the Shoulderpod S2 Grip - MOJOCON 2016  - MOBILE JOURNALISM CONFERENCE DUBLIN   - MOJO

The RTE Staff using the Shoulderpod S2 Grip - MOJOCON 2016  - MOBILE JOURNALISM CONFERENCE DUBLIN - MOJO





Enrique Frisancho from Shoulderpod at MOJOCON 2016  - MOBILE JOURNALISM -   MOJO

Enrique Frisancho from Shoulderpod at MOJOCON 2016  - MOBILE JOURNALISM - MOJO






Shoulderpod now available in Japan

AT SHOULDERPOD we are proud to announce that the S1 Professional Smartphone Grip is now available in Japan through our new distributor Kopek Japan Corp. Kopek is a Tokio based company that distributes high end technology accessories for mobile devices, cable tv and audio through a large network of retail and online stores.  Interested in ordering from Japan? Visit Kopek's online store!



Shoulderpod meets Eyetok, a company for managing and publishing user generated live content

Bruno Saguer and Oskar Vidal from Eyetok with Enrique Frisancho from Shoulderpod

Bruno Saguer and Oskar Vidal from Eyetok with Enrique Frisancho from Shoulderpod

EYETOK is a company that enables organizations such as brands, news corporations or events to acquire, manage and publish User Generated Live Content (ugLc). With Eyetok, now organizations will be able to generate and curate engaging live footage from brand ambassadors, while reducing the costs of production and distribution.  In the future, users will be able to generate revenues by creating epic stories and relevant live content for companies.

We are proud to see how the Shoulderpod products are the natural partners to the Eyetok's App. We are really excited to join hardware and software for allowing brand storytellers create and share wonderful content with the world. We see this partnership as a great opportunity for empowering Eyetokers around the globe share better visual stories with the Eyetok community.

Are you an mobile creative?  


Fine Art Photographer David Cochran tells his story

David Cochran is a Fine Art Photographer born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. David creates all of his photographic images with a Samsung Galaxy S6. An amazing collection of pictures with an unbelievable mixture of beauty and detail. This is his story:

"I have been an artist most of my life. As a young boy I remember taking pictures of my little brother looking through a window inside our old garage. Making a print, then matting and framing it myself. Getting the courage to take it to a local art gallery thinking they will laugh in my face or I will never here from them again… To getting a call from the curator of the gallery telling me he sold my image to a man wanting to give it to his wife. Apparently the gallery director told him a young boy photograhed the image, thinking he would pass on the purchase but he was adamant that his wife would love it. And she did! I remember going to formal art school studying art and design. Leaving photography behind. Working my way up to a design director living the corporate life. And now 50 years later back doing what I love, fine art photography. A full circle journey. The following quote I wrote sums up my feelings…"


"Photographs are like holes in the fabric of time. Each image is a glimpse of our essence. Our Being, captured... Even after our final breath".

David Cochran


"The Shoulderpod S1 is the best grip on the market for still and video photography! It is just what I need to photograph in the field either handheld or on a tripod".

David C.


Shoulderpod at MOJO Challenge Budapest 2015

Mobile Journalism (MoJo) is one of the most disruptive trends introduced in the news industry during the last years.

The potential of telling visual stories using mobile devices is becoming a creative and technical movement around most European countries. In order to train a team of 22 young and talented journalists in this new discipline, the European Association of Regional Television  CIRCOM, in partnership with MTVA Hungary,  will organize the second edition of “MoJo Challenge 2015” in Budapest from 4th to 11th October 2015.

There are two categories in the competition: the first category - Beginners - is a 5-day workshop for 11 beginners to mobile journalism and will include 3 days of training. The second category - Advanced - is for the more experienced MoJos and will also be a 5-day workshop to look at the latest developments in mobile journalism, storytelling sessions and knowledge exchange with time allocated for research before filming.

At Shoulderpod we are honored to support this great event and will keep working on developing professional smartphone tools for mobile creatives and visual storytellers.


iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tripod Mount

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus tripod mount - Shoulderpod S1 

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus tripod mount - Shoulderpod S1 


The Shoulderpod S1 tripod mount is adjustable, so it is prepared for holding your new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with or without a case . Have fun with the new 12 mega pixel camera and the amazing 4K video capabilities of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Mount your iPhone on any tripod, hold it as a handy cam or use it as a stand when traveling. The Shoulderpod S1 Professional iPhone Grip will convert your phone into the most advanced mobile camera in the world.



· · · · ·

Travel photographer Alistair Ford tells his story

Travel photographer Alistair Ford is a Shoulderpod S1 user since the early days of our company. A few months ago he started tagging this amazing shots from the Greek island of Zakynthos with #shoulderpod and today we are really honoured to publish his work and his story on our journal.

Navagio Beach at Zakynthos shot with galaxy note 3 and Shoulderpod S1

Navagio Beach at Zakynthos shot with galaxy note 3 and Shoulderpod S1

My name is Alistair Ford, I was born in 1973, Derby, England and now live in Alfreton Derbyshire

. . . . .

I have been taking photographs since 1998 but In 2006 I was diagnosed with Cone Dystrophy which is a genetic eye disorder that affects the cones in the back of both eyes causing my eyes to be extremely sensitive to light and loss of central vision. There are a lot of things I have had to give up doing because of my sight loss such as driving, going into buildings with bright lights and even going out on my own. But one thing I still enjoy doing is my photography. Although I had to sell my Digital SLR camera gear because I couldn’t see through the viewfinder anymore, I have found new ways to take photographs and videos and edit them using smartphones and tablets instead of cameras and computers. My current favourite is to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android Smartphone which has a huge 5.7 inch 1080p screen that makes a great viewfinder and a great 13 megapixel camera with an f2.2 aperture lens.

"The Shoulderpod S1 is a great piece of kit to go with the Note 3 that enables me to continue taking photographs with my smartphone when I thought I would have to give it up. I have found that the Shoulderpod S1 is really good to use when taking panorama photos and for shooting video handheld".

I have recently set up a blog and Facebook page where I share my photos from our favourite Greek island of Zakynthos. We have just visited this wonderful Ionian island for the 6th time. The island has a lot to offer the photographer with beautiful landscapes, a spectacular coastline and many beaches and mountain villages. I have taken thousands of photographs all over the island but this most recent trip was the first time I have used only a smartphone as my camera which worked really well capturing photos, panoramas and videos. After a day out taking photos I connect to the hotels WIFI and everything I shot during the day starts automatically backing up the Google Photos for safe storage. My favourite app for editing has to be Snapseed 2 in which one of the main filters I like to use is the HDR Scape to make my photos stand out from all the other travel photos you see online. I am looking forward to taking more travel photos with the Note 3 and Shoulderpod S1 and sharing them online for the world to see.


The Shoulderpod S1 is a the first smartphone grip with three functions: Tripod Mount, Filmmaker Handle and Traveller Stand. It is adjustable to hold any smartphone model comfortably and securely.



Photographer Davide di Tria tells his story

Davide Di Tria - Shoulderpod S1 & Nexus 5

Davide Di Tria - Shoulderpod S1 & Nexus 5


My name is Davide di Tria

I was born in 1983 in Vimercate, a small town near Milan, Italy. I live all around the world but mostly in Milan.

. . . . .

I'm a freelance photographer and I'm fully in love with portait photography because I love to spend my time with interesting people. I love to listen their stories and then try to tell them through my images. My dream is to become a great portrait artist. I started some years ago and I can't stop now!

When shooting with my Nexus 5's camera I normally use my Shoulderpod S1 as a tripod mount. It's interesting to see how people's react when they see you taking pictures with a smartphone mounted on a professional tripod. For editing I love VSCOcam, PS Touch and for publishing my work of course, Instagram! I have some Manfrotto tripods that I use with my S1. My best tip: Just unleash your imagination and have fun!!!

. . . . .

Visit Davide's portfolio here



Guillaume Kuster from France 3 TV shares his tips & tricks for Mobile Journalism

GUILLAUME KUSTER is a reporter from France 3 TV and works mainly for the local edition in Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse. He not only covers news and develops new ways of treating the information online but also works as a trainer on the use of smartphones for broadcasting purposes at the France Télévisions University. We met Guillaume at the MoJo Conference in Dublin last March 2015 and today we are pleased to share his interesting article including tips and tricks on how to use smartphones for mobile journalism (MoJo). Did we mention Guillaume uses the Shoulderpod S1 as part of his professional tools?

. . . . .

Petits, légers et discrets, les smartphones sont la façon la plus rapide et la plus facile de produire de la vidéo, des photos et du son pour le web. Decouverte du MoJo, ou Mobile Journalism

. . . . .



Need inspiration for telling a visual story?  Try looking for a nice object.  We found a paint box!

LAST WEEK, when trying to put some order at our Shoulderpod office, I found in one of the cupboards an old paint box from 1975. It was a Victoria Künstlerfarben model beautifully crafted in Munich by the prestigious brand A. Schutzmann Herrsching . However, what surprised me most was the obvious fact that everything was just exactly as I had left it 40 years ago, The 20 small oil color tubes, the 3 brushes, the turpentine bottles, ... every little piece was just as I had left it when I was no more than a 10 years old kid. A huge amount of memories came across my mind when I smelled the first resin vapors that escaped from its interior and in something that could be called an act of gratitude, I immediately decided that I had to do something with it.

So after some quick thoughts we set up our filming gear in the patio and made a short film evoking the act of opening the box. For the final panning-take we used an iPhone 6 mounted on a Shoulderpod S1, a Manfrotto tripod and the FilmicPro app. The intial "making-of" part was shot on a Nikon D3200 with a 50mm f:1.8 Nikkor lens.

The whole film was edited on an iPad Air using iMovie, except for the titles that were generated using the Pixelmator app. It was color graded using the "Western" filter included on iMovie and the music is our clasical "Shoulderpod Theme" composed on Garage Band and conveniently adapted to this short story.

Posted by Enrique Frisancho, Co-Founder at Shoulderpod