The multifunctional tool for creative travellers and visual storytellers


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The S2 is the first high quality handle-grip for holding your smartphone camera professionally.  Fits virtually any mobile device thanks to its adjustable mechanism and wide rubber pads. A solid and portable solution for creative travellers and visual storytellers

Shoulderpos S2 Handle Grip for iPhone

3 Functions

Shoulderpod S2 tripod mount for iPhone

Tripod Mount

The S2 includes our G1 grip as one of its parts. The most professional, solid and reliable tripod mount in the market.  Designed to fit any smartphone model thanks to its adjustable mechanism.

Shoulderpod S2 handle grip for iPhone

Filmmaker Handle

Mount the wooden handle plus the wrist strap and hold your smartphone camera comfortably and securely for taking steady videos and pictures. You´ll be surprised how far your mobile results can go.

Shoulderpod S2 Traveller Stand for iPhone

Traveller Stand

Our grip stands on its own in landscape or portrait mode so you can use it as a tripod even when you don't have one. Travel light while taking amazing time lapse movies or night shots from your next destination.


Inside the Box

Shoulderpod S2 Smartphone Handle Grip for iPhone Parts

1 x G1 · Grip  +  1 x H1 · Handle  +  1 x W1 · Wrist Strap

How it works


Mount your phone

Hold your device securely using the adjustable grip

The S2 kit includes our G1 grip.  An adjustable clamp for holding virtually any smartphone model with or without a case. The G1 is the most professional solution for holding your mobile device securely thanks to its thumbscrew mechanism and wide rubber pads.

Shoulderpod S2 Tripod Mount for iPhone

Add the Handle

Add the wooden handle for capturing steady videos and crisp pictures

Our H1 handle is beautifully crafted in Sapeli wood and its ergonomic design offers a comfortable and natural grip. The upper end includes a 1/4"-20 standard metal screw for attaching the included G1 grip and strap while the lower part includes a female  1/4"-20 metal insert compatible with all photo-video tripods and rigs.

Don't take risks!

We've included a strong wrist strap just in case

The W1 wrist strap is finished in genuine leather and will give you the extra security you need.  Focus 100% on your visual story without worrying about dropping your device.

Shoulderpod S2 Handle Grip for iPhone

Tripod mount

Fully compatible with your existing photo-video equipment 

Both, the G1 Grip and the H1 handle include a standard 1/4"-20 thread metal insert at the bottom. Mount your smartphone on any tripod or rig and add a powerful camera to your existing gear.

Shouldeprod S2 handle grip and Tripod mount for iphone 


Travel light

and shoot steady

It's not necessary to carry that heavy equipment any more. Keep it simple and travel light while shooting super steady videos and crisp pictures. The S2 is the most solid and portable tool for improving your mobile photography and filmmaking on the go.

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Shoulderpod S2 smartphone handle grip for iphone 

Shoulderpod S2 Hndle Grip for iphone and smartphones - adjustable thumbscrew

Shoulderpod S2 - smartphone handle grip for iPhone

Shoulderpod S2 - Handle grip for iphone with wrist strap

Shoulderpod S2 Tripod Mont for iPhone

Shoulderpod S2 tripod mount and handle grip for iphone

Shoulderpod S2 - Traveller stand for iPhone

Shoulderpod S2 handle grip fr iphone 7


Professional travel photographer Austin Mann tested the iPhone 6s & 6s Plus cameras in November 2015 using the early prototypes of our new rigs. Take a look at this epic timelapse video shot in Switzerland

Expand your S2

It's part of a Modular System

The Shoulderpod platform has been designed as a modular system. Start with one of our basic configurations and grow from there with additional parts and accessories. When travelling select only the parts you need and avoid carrying that heavy backpack full of unnecessary gear.

Shoulderpod S2 - Modular system for smartphones


Misplaced a part? No worries!

We don't like a world where products are designed to become useless after a short period of time. That's why we offer replacements of most of our basic parts. Please contact us and let us know what you need.

Shoulderpod S2 - replacements