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At Shoulderpod we design and craft professional mobile equipment for using smartphones as cameras. We make hight quality tools for photographers, filmmakers, journalists and travellers.

  • Jan / 2014 - The Company is founded in Barcelona by Enrique Frisancho and Ana Maria Vicens
  • Jun / 2014 - First product launch: The S1 grip
  • Apr / 2015 - The S1 starts selling at the Apple Stores in Europe and Middle East
  • Nov / 2015 - Wooden handle design. Photographer Austin Mann tests the first iPhone 6 using our R1 prototypes in Switzerland
  • Jun / 2016 - We develop the R2 rig as a special product for the BBC
  • Sep / 2017 - Our new modular concept is introduced at the Photokina show in Cologne
  • Jan / 2017 - Manfrotto starts distributing the Shoulderpod products in the US and UK
  • Feb / 2017  - US Official launch for the S2 and X1 rigs


Barcelona - February 2017

Shoulderpod launches the X1

The most advanced production rig for smartphones now in the US

Barcelona - February 2017

Shoulderpod launches the S2

The traveller version of our professional smartphone rigs now in the US

“Only a few years ago a journalist - for instance - needed the support of a big crew of technicians for covering breaking news or important events. Nowadays a mobile journalist or “mojo” can easily carry a complete professional studio for filming, editing and even life broadcasting a story. The best part? All this amazing technology fits in your backpack and is as simple to use as tapping a few icons on your smartphone”.

Enrique Frisancho

Co-Founder at Shoulderpod



We want to be "the professional brand for holding mobile devices as cameras" and lead the movement of making high quality tools for the mobile creative community.

Ana Maria Vicens

Co-Founder at Shoulderpod