The Handle Grip


The S2 is the first professional handle-grip for your smartphone camera that works as a tripod mount, filmmaker handle and traveller stand. It is adjustable to hold virtually any smartphone model and has been built to last a lifetime. 

Tripod Mount

The S2 includes our G1 grip as one of its parts. The most professional, solid and reliable tripod mount in the market.  Designed to fit any smartphone model thanks to its adjustable mechanism.

Filmmaker Handle

Mount the wooden handle plus the wrist strap and hold your smartphone camera comfortably and securely for taking steady pictures and videos. You'll be surprised how far your mobile results can go.

Traveller Stand

Our grip stands on its own in landscape or portrait mode so you can use it as a tripod even when you don't have one. Travel light while taking amazing time lapse movies or night shots from your next destination.