iPhone macro photography

We've used an iPhone 4, an Olloclip lens and the Shoulderpod S1 as a stand

Today we've been testing the Shoulderpod S1 as a stand for macro photography. We've used some colorful shells as our main subjects and the results have been amazing. As you know, when shooting in macro it's extremely necessary to be super-steady. Normally you would use a tripod, but we've discovered that the S1 is an excellent support for when you don't have one with you. For some of the shots we've used the Olloclip macro lens, while for others we've just used the iPhone 4 naked glass.

Go deep into "iMacro" mode when traveling with the Shoulderpod S1 universal smartphone rig. We look forward to receiving your macro images soon! 

iPhone macro photography using the Shoulderpod S1 as a stand
iPhone macro photography using Shoulderpod S1 as a stand
Algae iPhone macro shot with Shoulderpod S1 tripod mount holder and stand
iPhone macro images using Shoulderpod S1 universal smartphone stand
Macro photography with iPhone and Shoulderpod S1 smartphone stand
Shell shot with iPhone 4 macro lens and Shoulderpod S1 tripod mount stand
Shells from Barcelona shot with iPhone using Shoulderpod S1 adjustable smartphone stand