Ana Prado, Shoulderpod's street photographer

Ana Prado with her brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 and her Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig and tripod mount.

SINCE the begining of June 2014, Ana Prado is one of Shoulderpod´s street photographers. She joined us with the mission of being the "eyes" of a new generation, a generation of young and creative people who are changing our society thanks to a new, fresh and positive vision of the world.

Ana studied Photography in Galicia and is now finishing her degree in Comunication and Public Relations at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona. She works in one of Barcelona's most important advertising agencies and still has time to play guitar in a rock band after work.

When she first joined the team we equiped her with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a brand new Shoulderpod S1. She actually started with a prototype of it, as the first real series did not came out from production until a few of weeks later.

The first set of imagers that we are proud to publish from her work is a group of 9 portraits which we have named "Portraits of a Generation". A vision of freshness, youth and positivism through the lens of a 25 years old #mobilecreative.

Take a look at Ana's work ant tell us what you think. (Click to enlarge images)

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Twitter: @anapradosobrino

Instagram: @anapradowork