How to shoot stunning images of an F18 with your Shoulderpod S1 tripod mount and an iPhone 5S

 Shoulderpod S1 Tripod mount monopod rig with iPhone 5S from Paul Deach

WHEN mobile journalist Paul Deach raised his photo-rig over the threatening F18 turbines at the Farnborough Airshow last July 14, the whole US Air Force security crew got really nervous. This is what happened next.

As Paul himself explains in his blog post, “It was clear they had not seen anything quite like it before.  Most of the media pack they had seen that day were either carrying DSLR’s or high-end video camera equipment with CNN or BBC on the microphone mufflers. So before they would let me carry on they had to get their head of PR over but once I explained all the equipment and showed them a few photo’s I had already taken they relaxed and let me get on with it”.

Paul’s mobile equipment is the iPhone 5S camera mounted on a Shoulderpod S1 rig at the end of a telescopic monopod. He also uses an Olloclip wide angle lens and plugs the original Apple EarPods in his iPhone as a remote shutter release for taking those dramatic high angle shots. The setting might have seemed odd beside all that bulky professional gear around, but it allowed him to take the most stunning images of the show.

“The equipment I used allowed me to produce images from a different perspective than a lot of the images I have seen from the airshow, which in my view makes mine stand out from the crowd. The US Air Force seemed to enjoy them as their own Instagram account liked one of the images I took at their static display”.

Take a look at Paul’s images and let us know what you think.

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While the rest of the press was taking conventional images at ground level, Paul's camera was taking amazing visual stories from 10 feet high

F18 turbines captured by Paul Deach using an iPhone 5S mounted on a Shoulderod S1 rig at the end of a monopod.

About Paul

 Paul Deach

Paul Deach

Paul Deach is a hyper local social media marketing consultant based in Surrey, UK. In 2003 Paul founded the Surrey Residents Network which has become a major source of local information in the Surrey area. Exploiting freely available internet media technologies Paul created a significant news outlet which has become trusted by communities across Surrey. Its popularity attracted local advertisers who wanted to be associated with the Network and utilize Paul’s social marketing expertise. A strong advocate of  rich content based Social Media Paul has built up a portfolio of clients from large national organisations through to small local business all keen to take control and manage their media output.

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 Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig

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iPhone macro photography

We've used an iPhone 4, an Olloclip lens and the Shoulderpod S1 as a stand

Today we've been testing the Shoulderpod S1 as a stand for macro photography. We've used some colorful shells as our main subjects and the results have been amazing. As you know, when shooting in macro it's extremely necessary to be super-steady. Normally you would use a tripod, but we've discovered that the S1 is an excellent support for when you don't have one with you. For some of the shots we've used the Olloclip macro lens, while for others we've just used the iPhone 4 naked glass.

Go deep into "iMacro" mode when traveling with the Shoulderpod S1 universal smartphone rig. We look forward to receiving your macro images soon! 

 iPhone macro photography using the Shoulderpod S1 as a stand
 iPhone macro photography using Shoulderpod S1 as a stand
 Algae iPhone macro shot with Shoulderpod S1 tripod mount holder and stand
 iPhone macro images using Shoulderpod S1 universal smartphone stand
 Macro photography with iPhone and Shoulderpod S1 smartphone stand
 Shell shot with iPhone 4 macro lens and Shoulderpod S1 tripod mount stand
 Shells from Barcelona shot with iPhone using Shoulderpod S1 adjustable smartphone stand

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