Shoulderpod goes fully modular, like LEGO!

All parts now available to build up your own rig


Shoulderpod is now completely modular.  Build up your own rig and personalize it for every project. When travelling, take only the parts you need and avoid carrying that heavy backpack.


Watch the video and learn how it works!

9 new parts available

  • P1 - The Long Plate
  • P2 - The Short Plate
  • H1 - The Handle
  • K1 - The Knob
  • Z1 - The Cold Shoe
  • W1 - The Wrist Strap
  • U1 - S2 to R2 Upgrade Kit
  • G1RP - Rubber Pads for G1
  • H1RP - Rubber Pads for H1 and K1


Upgrade your rig

Add the parts you need and personalize your smartphone rig. If you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact us!