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Marcello Barbusci is a mobile photographer. He is the Founder, Editor in Chief & Creative Director at ONLY Mobile Art, an independent publication, for people who like to admire the art produced with cell phones in its different forms. 

Marcello was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1968 and now lives between his natal city and New York.  The ONLY Mobile Art project started on January 2016, when Marcello decided to give a voice to the artistic photography produced by smartphone users. 

As a mobile photographer Marcello uses a Shoulderpod S2 when traveling and shooting for ONLY Mobile Art magazine. "The creativity produced and published through a cell phone is a form of expression that is growing every day and needs a place to last, so we created the magazine ONLY! Giving way to a nation that lives young and updated: One Nation Living Young = "ONLY” explains Marcello. 

“Use your heart to make better photos”

Marcello Barbusci

Only Mobile Art Magazine

Marcello Barbusci - NY 01
Marcello Barbusci - NY - 02
Marcello Barbusci - NY - 03
Marcello Barbusci - NY - 04

Marcello Barbusci at Shoulderpod Journal

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