The new Shoulderpod S2 is here!

Shouldeprod S2 - handle grip for iphone

We're exited to announce that the new Shoulderpod S2 is finally available at our online store.

It has certainly taken us a little while to set everything up since the first prototypes sent in November 2015 to Austin Mann for testing the iPhone 6s and 6s+ in Switzerland. During all this time we´ve been fine tuning all the small details until we finally introduced our new product line at the Photokina show in Cologne last September 2016.

The new Shoulderpod S2 is called "The Handle Grip" and will progressively replace it predecessor, the S1. It includes the longer wooden handle already released with our R1 Go and R1 Pro rigs and a beautiful leather strap that is a lot more resistant than the older model. The G1 grip for holding the phone is the same one as in the S1.

The S2 is the best companion for any creative traveller or visual storyteller who loves to use his smartphone camera for telling amazing stories and share them with the world.