Shoulderpod at MOJO Challenge Budapest 2015

Mobile Journalism (MoJo) is one of the most disruptive trends introduced in the news industry during the last years.

The potential of telling visual stories using mobile devices is becoming a creative and technical movement around most European countries. In order to train a team of 22 young and talented journalists in this new discipline, the European Association of Regional Television  CIRCOM, in partnership with MTVA Hungary,  will organize the second edition of “MoJo Challenge 2015” in Budapest from 4th to 11th October 2015.

There are two categories in the competition: the first category - Beginners - is a 5-day workshop for 11 beginners to mobile journalism and will include 3 days of training. The second category - Advanced - is for the more experienced MoJos and will also be a 5-day workshop to look at the latest developments in mobile journalism, storytelling sessions and knowledge exchange with time allocated for research before filming.

At Shoulderpod we are honored to support this great event and will keep working on developing professional smartphone tools for mobile creatives and visual storytellers.