Travel photographer Alistair Ford tells his story

Travel photographer Alistair Ford is a Shoulderpod S1 user since the early days of our company. A few months ago he started tagging this amazing shots from the Greek island of Zakynthos with #shoulderpod and today we are really honoured to publish his work and his story on our journal.

Navagio Beach at Zakynthos shot with galaxy note 3 and Shoulderpod S1

Navagio Beach at Zakynthos shot with galaxy note 3 and Shoulderpod S1

My name is Alistair Ford, I was born in 1973, Derby, England and now live in Alfreton Derbyshire

. . . . .

I have been taking photographs since 1998 but In 2006 I was diagnosed with Cone Dystrophy which is a genetic eye disorder that affects the cones in the back of both eyes causing my eyes to be extremely sensitive to light and loss of central vision. There are a lot of things I have had to give up doing because of my sight loss such as driving, going into buildings with bright lights and even going out on my own. But one thing I still enjoy doing is my photography. Although I had to sell my Digital SLR camera gear because I couldn’t see through the viewfinder anymore, I have found new ways to take photographs and videos and edit them using smartphones and tablets instead of cameras and computers. My current favourite is to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android Smartphone which has a huge 5.7 inch 1080p screen that makes a great viewfinder and a great 13 megapixel camera with an f2.2 aperture lens.

"The Shoulderpod S1 is a great piece of kit to go with the Note 3 that enables me to continue taking photographs with my smartphone when I thought I would have to give it up. I have found that the Shoulderpod S1 is really good to use when taking panorama photos and for shooting video handheld".

I have recently set up a blog and Facebook page where I share my photos from our favourite Greek island of Zakynthos. We have just visited this wonderful Ionian island for the 6th time. The island has a lot to offer the photographer with beautiful landscapes, a spectacular coastline and many beaches and mountain villages. I have taken thousands of photographs all over the island but this most recent trip was the first time I have used only a smartphone as my camera which worked really well capturing photos, panoramas and videos. After a day out taking photos I connect to the hotels WIFI and everything I shot during the day starts automatically backing up the Google Photos for safe storage. My favourite app for editing has to be Snapseed 2 in which one of the main filters I like to use is the HDR Scape to make my photos stand out from all the other travel photos you see online. I am looking forward to taking more travel photos with the Note 3 and Shoulderpod S1 and sharing them online for the world to see.


The Shoulderpod S1 is a the first smartphone grip with three functions: Tripod Mount, Filmmaker Handle and Traveller Stand. It is adjustable to hold any smartphone model comfortably and securely.