Need inspiration for telling a visual story?  Try looking for a nice object.  We found a paint box!

LAST WEEK, when trying to put some order at our Shoulderpod office, I found in one of the cupboards an old paint box from 1975. It was a Victoria Künstlerfarben model beautifully crafted in Munich by the prestigious brand A. Schutzmann Herrsching . However, what surprised me most was the obvious fact that everything was just exactly as I had left it 40 years ago, The 20 small oil color tubes, the 3 brushes, the turpentine bottles, ... every little piece was just as I had left it when I was no more than a 10 years old kid. A huge amount of memories came across my mind when I smelled the first resin vapors that escaped from its interior and in something that could be called an act of gratitude, I immediately decided that I had to do something with it.

So after some quick thoughts we set up our filming gear in the patio and made a short film evoking the act of opening the box. For the final panning-take we used an iPhone 6 mounted on a Shoulderpod S1, a Manfrotto tripod and the FilmicPro app. The intial "making-of" part was shot on a Nikon D3200 with a 50mm f:1.8 Nikkor lens.

The whole film was edited on an iPad Air using iMovie, except for the titles that were generated using the Pixelmator app. It was color graded using the "Western" filter included on iMovie and the music is our clasical "Shoulderpod Theme" composed on Garage Band and conveniently adapted to this short story.

Posted by Enrique Frisancho, Co-Founder at Shoulderpod