Christian Hounsounou tells his story

SOME WEEKS AGO we discovered the amazing work of amateur photographer Christian Hounsounou on Instagram. As a Shoulderpod user, he placed the #Shoulderpod hashtag on some of his images and we were immediately captivated by his high contrasted black and white silhouettes at the beaches of Dakar.  Today at Shoulderpod we are really honored to feature the beautiful work of this mobile photographer and to share his story.


My name is Christian Hounsounou

I was born in 1985, Cotonou, Benin, a west African small country and now I live in Dakar, Senegal.

. . . . .

It all started a few years ago. It's true that I've always liked photography and arts in general. Before INSTAGRAM, I already spend many hours admiring pictures on or through Y.A BERTRAND's website. Then, encouraged by some friends, I finally decided to open my own instagram account. The next step was to find my own style, my personal touch in order to make people say: "This one belongs to @chrishouns" ... So, armed with my iPhone I started shooting and editing those black and white pictures mostly made on the beach. Oh, ... please notice that in everyday's life I'am a medical doctor (nephrology and dialysis) and I just take pictures for fun :-)

. . . . .

Recently I discovered and quickly adopted the SHOULDERPOD S1 rig. During my walks on Dakar's beaches I usually search for great silhouettes so it really helps me to stay close to the soccer boys. Trust me, it's really a great ally to avoid wetting my iPhone by keeping it safe and secure. For sure the it was exactly the mobile tool I was looking for!

. . . . .

Other Apps and mobile tools I use: Lorystripes, CameraPlusPro, Repix and Snapseed