Fine Art Photographer David Cochran tells his story

David Cochran is a Fine Art Photographer born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. David creates all of his photographic images with a Samsung Galaxy S6. An amazing collection of pictures with an unbelievable mixture of beauty and detail. This is his story:

"I have been an artist most of my life. As a young boy I remember taking pictures of my little brother looking through a window inside our old garage. Making a print, then matting and framing it myself. Getting the courage to take it to a local art gallery thinking they will laugh in my face or I will never here from them again… To getting a call from the curator of the gallery telling me he sold my image to a man wanting to give it to his wife. Apparently the gallery director told him a young boy photograhed the image, thinking he would pass on the purchase but he was adamant that his wife would love it. And she did! I remember going to formal art school studying art and design. Leaving photography behind. Working my way up to a design director living the corporate life. And now 50 years later back doing what I love, fine art photography. A full circle journey. The following quote I wrote sums up my feelings…"


"Photographs are like holes in the fabric of time. Each image is a glimpse of our essence. Our Being, captured... Even after our final breath".

David Cochran


"The Shoulderpod S1 is the best grip on the market for still and video photography! It is just what I need to photograph in the field either handheld or on a tripod".

David C.