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Our website is visited by thousands of professionals every month. From newsroom managers to marketing directors or public organizations. They all want to go mobile but many of them don't know how to start. That's why we're setting up the Shoulderpod's Trainers Programme. An initiative to support the best mobile trainers and connect them with new potential clients. Create your own Mobile Trainer profile using the example below and let new customers get in touch with you.

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Questions and Answers


What is the Shoulderpod's MOBILE TRAINERS PROGRAMME?
It is an initiative to support and promote a selected group of Mobile Trainers. By doing this we want to help our corporate and institutional customers to move faster into mobile journalism and digital storytelling. 

Is it Free?
Yes, joining our MOBILE TRAINERS PROGRAMME and being listed at the MOBILE TRAINERS WORLD CATALOGUE is completely free.

Joining the MOBILE TRAINERS PROGRAMME binds me or commits me in any way to Shoulderpod?
No, by joining the Programme you will receive a free training mobile kit and your profile will be listed in our catalogue but you will have no commitment to use or recommend our products in your courses.

What does Shoulderpod take from this iniciative?
We add value to our customers by contacting them to what we consider the best mobile trainers around the world.

Where and When will the Catalogue be published?
The first edition of the Catalogue was published on our website in February 2018 and since then we keep updating it monthly. e also promote the list on our social accounts, newsletters and journal.

How can I update my profile once it has been published?
Just refill the form and submit it again to us. Our team will update the information manually as soon as possible.

Can anyone be listed?
No, our team selects only Mobile Trainers that have a proved reputation and can demonstrate their professional experience.

Can I delete my Profile at any moment?
Yes, just contact us and we will delete your profile.

Can Shoulderpod delete my profile at any moment?

If I have not been contacted by Shoulderpod, can I apply for being listed in the catalogue?
Yes, please use the form below and send us your details or contact us so we can evaluate your profile.

For any other questions or suggestions regarding our Mobile Trainers Pregramme please contact us


Profile Example


JOHN SMITH (example)
London / UK

Phone: +44 123.4#6.789
Twitter: @johnsmithmojotrainer

John Smith is an international journalist based in London, UK. He has worked for more than 15 years at the London HKR TV as a reporter. John now works as a freelance mojo trainer traveling around Europe teaching newsrooms, reporters and organizations how to use mobile devices for shooting, editing and publishing news. In 2014 he published the book “All about MOJO 2.0” and In 2016 he won the award "Best Mobile Journalist of the Year" at the Liverpool Journalism Festival.

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